About Us

All Guns Discounted offer a range of air rifles, air pistols, scopes and more. Please feel free to browse our website or for further details and to discuss your requirements please don't hesitate to contact us


Mick Dixon, owner of the business, has 45 years of experience in shooting and is very knowledgeable in all aspects of shooting from Sporting .22 to fullbore rifles to air weapons and shotguns. He is happy to help with all aspects of shooting sports and will advise on scopes, gun fitting and clay shooting etc. We are only a phone call away 0114 2401634 / 07803400868.

We also operate a clay shooting ground and are happy to provide coaching and advise on choice of gun.

We have a large range of telescopic sights, gun lamps, air pistols etc. and also sell most accessories including footwear and clothing required by shooters.

Shotgun cartridges, metallic ammo and pellets are also stocked.